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Psalm 31: Trusting God’s Deliverance Explored Now

Psalm 31: Trusting God’s Deliverance Explored Now. When something catastrophic happens, how, or what, do you feel? Do you feel shock, numbness, surprise, anguish, or anger? When something happens, what do friends do? Do they come to help and comfort or do they seem to stay away? When a personal disaster occurs, who do we turn to for help?

David had to face and answer all of those very difficult, questions when his son Absalom revolted and forced David to flee from Jerusalem. Granted, his problem appears to be much more romantic and exciting than the problems that we face today, but the emotion is the same, and the tragedy hurts just as bad.

Psalm 31: Trusting God’s Deliverance Explored Now

David’s grief was very real. “My eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and my body with grief. My life is consumed by anguish and my years by groaning; my strength fails because of my affliction, and my bones grow weak.” This is a picture of a man whose heart was breaking over his son’s treachery. How often have parents felt the anguish described in verses 9 and 10?

Unfortunately, that was not all of David’s problems. As king David had been very successful in battle, and for the first time in many generations, the land of Israel was secure. In addition, David had made a real effort to be a fair and just king. Countless times, his people cheered him and professed their love for him.

But with the sudden events of Absalom’s revolt, David’s admirers vanished. His popularity was gone like a snowball placed before a fire. David wrote, “Because of all my enemies, I am the utter contempt of my neighbors; I am a dread to my friends – those who see me on the street flee from me. I am forgotten by them as though I were dead”.


Psalm 31: Trusting God’s Deliverance Explored Now

Such grief, such pressure and rejection would destroy – has destroyed – many seemingly strong men and women. How can anyone face the loss of a kingdom, rejection by a son and the people? Where could a person possibly find help in such a situation? David knew. Incredibly, his psalm began with the almost calm declaration of the source of his strength. “In you, O Lord, I have taken refuge…

David put into practice what the New Testament writers have stressed time after time. The only way a person will survive is to place his, or her, life in the hands of the Lord. With God, a person will be secure. That is a hard lesson for Christians to learn. Intellectually, a person may say, “Yes, I trust my Father. He guides my life.” But in the face of the harsh realities, if that faith, that trust, is not absolute, a Christian will stumble and fall.

What is the Psalm 31 verse 4?

In verses 4 and 5 David wrote, “Into your hands I commit my spirit; redeem me, O Lord, the God of truth.” These words were not written because David felt good, or because things were going his way! His words expressed the innermost feelings and beliefs that he had. In a time of great distress, a person will almost blindly reach out for what is the most precious.


Psalm 31: Trusting God’s Deliverance Explored Now

For David, that was the Lord. If only we, as members of Christ’s body – the church, would let our faith fill us like it filled David! What a massive force we could be in this lost and searching world! David hurt just like any man or woman today, but he faced and overcame tremendous obstacles because he trusted in the Lord.

The world can be a very cruel and heartless place. Any faith that is placed in the world will fall, but the Lord will never fail. We know this because we have the personal testimony of a man who KNEW. “Love the Lord, all his saints! The Lord preserves the faithful, but the proud he pays back in full. Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalm 31: Trusting God’s Deliverance Explored Now

Yes, David faced a terrible ordeal, but out of that, and through the inspiration of God, he has given us a jewel to help us when WE face our ordeals. Thank you, David.

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