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Preply: Sayings About Life From Proverbs Now

Preply: Sayings About Life From Proverbs Now.

Many people, when they look at the Book of Proverbs see line after line of two or three little bits of wisdom. Many seem to be repetitious, and some puzzling. The setting for Proverbs is a time where kings ruled, much of the culture was rural, and neighbors literally lived right next door to one another. Then the thought may come to mind, “What can this book with all its proverbs have to do with people that live today?” The next thought may be, “I will just quickly look through this book and then go on to books that are more applicable to my life.”


But nothing can be farther from the truth. The Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs are both called books of wisdom, and that is true. But there is a difference between the two. The Book of Psalms looks more into the inward thoughts of the writers and the spiritual significance in their lives. Proverbs, however, gives good, simple, and clear instructions of how to live day-to-day. One person described it as “nuts and bolts” advice for good living.

Vast sums of money are spent on developing and selling self help books. Countless articles have been written, and will be written, by “experts” on how to have a better and more meaningful life. Yet, the best, and most comprehensive, self help book that has ever been written is found in Proverbs. A person wants to be successful in life? Proverbs covers that in detail. A man or woman has a very good reputation within a community or nation, and one wonders how he can develop that same. Go to Proverbs. Still another person avoids work or effort as much as possible and then wonders why he/she never gets ahead. Proverbs will clearly show the reasons.


Some business owners are known for being honest, and some are known as being dishonest. Proverbs will clearly describe the difference. Proverbs spends a great deal of time showing the difference between “a fool” and a person of maturity. No one wants to be dismissed as being silly, foolish, or irrelevant. Proverbs shows how to avoid such traps.

So many people have been pulled down by drinking and immoral actions. This has happened to all types of people from different social levels, education, and cultures. Proverbs gives clear warnings against such things. If a person ignores the warning, then Proverbs describes what will finally happen.


Christians are to live a Christ-like life every day. No one questions the principle, but how to actually do that can be challenging. Obviously, the teachings in the New Testament are first, but Proverbs gives very clear advice on how to live a righteous life.

Parents have sons and daughters that are approaching adulthood and worry about the dangers of life that son or daughter may face. The first nine chapters give very concise warnings on what to avoid in life and why.


Proverbs is not a quaint book of sayings that was added to the Inspired Word as almost an afterthought. Instead, the Book of Proverbs is a powerful book that contains wisdom that will help a person live a good, meaningful, rich, and righteous life.

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