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Ridge Gourd Sabzi Recipe Health Benefits Now

Ridge gourd sabzi recipe health benefits now as Ridge gourd pen declare turai or heerekai ,is green in color and pulp is white. It is low in fat and cholesterol. It has excellent cooling properties and dietary fiber in it. If wrapped properly in a plastic lid it can stay crisp for a week.

It lowers the blood sugar level and helps in reducing weight loss and even helps in curing piles. It is often said by experts that it is always improved to have a glass of ridge gourd juice in the mornings ( of course, the kids obtain not in the flavor of the taste therefore that your immune system gets strengthened neighboring door to most of the infections.


It acts as laxative and helps in constipation. It is to your liking for eyesight. Some ridge gourds are bitter in taste and some are lovable. So, it is always greater than before to check it considering than in the back you use it as an ingredient in your recipe. It goes skillfully behind both chapathi, puri and plus behind rice.

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